Marie Gooch

Marie Gooch is a Vice President at The Hopman Group. She brings a wide range of experience to the Hopman team. Marie understands the needs of entrepreneurs, as she spent many years as a successful business owner with a client base that covered most of the US and Canada. She is a licensed Arizona Life Insurance Agent and a registered Investment Advisory Representative with PGH Advisor. Marie offers Financial Coaching for those wishing to develop steady habits. She can help you shed your “emotional money baggage” as well. She also provides Financial Planning with an emphasis on you firm up your vision for their future. This will help create a strategy for making that vision a reality. Marie’s passion is people. She has empathy for people in all walks of life and strives to provide understanding and education to everyone she meets with. When Marie’s not helping individuals and small businesses feel more confident and secure in their financial future, she enjoys yoga, art, dance, theater and travel as well as spending time with her husband and dogs.

prepare for retirement

Questions About Preparing for Retirement Together

Whenever you’re looking forward to retirement, there’s probably going to be some uncertainties. After all, before you’ve experienced it yourself, it isn’t necessarily easy figuring out exactly what to expect or prepare for. It’s important for both you and your partner to take a well-rounded approach. Prepare for retirement together. What does this look like, …

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