Melissa Blumenthal

Melissa Blumenthal is a Vice President of the Hopman Group. She holds her degree from the University of Arizona. Melissa attended Indiana State University graduate school where she also taught and lectured. Melissa is a registered Investment Advisory Representative and a licensed Life Insurance Agent. She is passionate about education. Her goal is to empower all her clients with the financial knowledge they need to feel confident with their financial decisions. The main goal of her financial planning practice is to ensure her clients have the future they envision. Melissa conducts financial literacy seminars with a focus on financial and retirement planning. These seminars specialize in unique strategies for women. Also, she has created and taught financial literacy workshops for high school and college students to provide them with the financial information they need for a successful future. Melissa has been a sought-after public speaker for many years and has been a guest lecturer at multiple colleges. She is deeply involved in the local community. She is the president of the Women’s Studies Advocacy Council (WOSAC) at the University of Arizona. Melissa also serves on the executive board of F*ST! Female Storytellers and is a fixture in the local storytelling community. She enjoys dancing (mostly Argentine Tango), music, history, yoga, and traveling in her free time.

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