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What Is Not Perfect With Your Business Yet?

Does your business have challenges that hinder its growth? Does your business stay busy yet continue to have cash flow problems? How efficient and effective are your day to day operations? If you are a small business that has been in business for 2 or more years with less than 30 employees and any of the aforementioned issues affects your small business, you are in the right place.
Most small business owners are great at their trade however, they were never trained nor expected to know how to efficiently run a business. So, business owners keep it simple and stick to what they know. If the business is making a profit and there is cash in the bank the business is doing fine. If the business shows a loss or cash gets tight something must be wrong. This simplicity is not showing the business owner the complete picture of what is happening with the business.
Have you been able to decipher or make sense of your financial statements? Are you using the accounting data you receive every month to make effective decisions about the business? This is the information small business owners need to have at their fingertips to get a true picture of the health of the business.

The Take Flight Process

Take Flight Advisors will help the business owner with marketing, production and accounting to increase cashflow, reduce expenses and ultimately grow revenue.

<b>CREW BRIEFING</b><br />
Step 1

Step 1


What to Expect
Engagement Agreement
Complete Fact Finder
Next Steps

<b>TAXI</b><br />
Step 2

Step 2


Conduct TTAP Analysis: Team | Technology | Accounting | Processes

Employee Questionnaire

<b>TAKEOFF</b><br />
Step 3

Step 3


Present Findings
Review Recommendations

<b>CLIMB</b><br />
Step 4

Step 4


Develop Score Card
Develop Business Plan

<b>CRUISE</b><br />
Step 5

Step 5


Reduce Expenses
Improve Cashflow
Increase Revenue

<b>DESCENT</b><br />
Step 6

Step 6


Risk Management

<b>LANDING</b><br />
Step 7

Step 7

Touch & Go

Annual Review
Establish Forecast

The small business owner at its core has three main goals

Grow the Business

Grow the Business

Provide for the Family

Provide for the Family

Save for Retirement

Save for Retirement

For many small business owners, this is often a balancing act. Should the business owner fund the business or fund retirement? Think about it – for the business owner goals #2 and #3 don’t happen unless #1 happens. That is our purpose at Take Flight Advisors. Our #1 goal is the same as yours – to make the business more profitable.

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