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Reducing risk and achieving steady returns will provide a retirement position that allows you to maintain your standard of living while enjoying the continued benefits of a secured financial position. No plan is complete without measurable goals and no retirement savings strategy can be effective without a measurable timeline and fiscal discipline.

Some investors have developed the good habit of “putting money away for a rainy day”, but it is often true that how you invest is as important as how much you invest.


Americans (50 yrs or older) have non-mortgage debit


Those 50 yrs or older make up 20% of people filing bankruptcy


Retirees had less than $1,000 saved for retirement

Saving and Planning for Retirement Takes Up a Significant Portion of a Person’s Life.

Your goal is to build up enough assets to provide adequate income to meet your needs through retirement. Learning about your plans investment options will prepare you to make informed decisions about your financial future in the years to come.

Without a detailed, comprehensive review and analysis of your current retirement outlook you could be missing substantial opportunities to leverage your current savings and investments. The most immediate action you can take to prepare for your retirement is to begin saving now. Setting aside a portion of your earnings and strictly adhering to a “hands off” policy will help you build the discipline necessary to maintain a steady course. Experts have figured that you will need up to 70 percent of your pre-retirement income to continue enjoying your current standard of living past your working years.

Working with the Hopman Group means that your financial future is under the lens of experts who know how build a comprehensive plan and strategy for your retirement.

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You need 70% of your pre-retirement income to enjoy your current standard of living in retirement

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