The Gifts and Challenges a Financial Champ Faces

The Gifts and Challenges a Financial Champ Faces

Money can’t buy you happiness…but it’s tough to be happy without it.  Like everything worthwhile in life, money is best when it’s earned. You enjoy using a combination of hard work and oftentimes risky strategies to earn the most that you can.  You’re swift, fearless, determined in your financial pursuits, and your bank account reflects this. Are you nodding along as you read this? Then you share the traits of a Financial Champ.  The Wealth Amplified! Champ is one of five financial personalities that can be contained within one’s Money Profile. You can use this link to take our financial behaviors quiz, and gain insight on exactly which personalities you hold within your personal Money Profile.

Wealth Amplified! Champs are highly efficient.  They cut to the chase and get things handled.  This is why they earn as much as they do! They are adaptable and resilient, falling back on input from trusted sources when they feel they might need new ideas.  A Wealth Amplified! Champ’s gift is her ability to pull the trigger and use whatever methods it takes to make huge gains. (No analysis paralysis here!)

That’s not to say everything is always peaches and cream, however.  Often, the Wealth Amplified! Champ makes impulsive choices in the pursuit of big money. Without taking the time to really think things through, hastily pursuing these risky business moves can lead to huge losses. Bankruptcy is a possibility but, for the Wealth Amplified! Champ, it’s just a pit-stop on the way toward success. Champs assume they will regain their losses, without question.

A Wealth Amplified! Champ is adept at going with her gut to make financial decisions.  Once she makes up her mind, there’s no turning back. Go big or go home, right?  The Wealth Amplified! Champ doesn’t let fear hold her back, so she’s more likely to use all resources at her disposal to get what she wants…and what she wants is money, lots and lots of money!

With determination and a can-do attitude, the Wealth Amplified! Champ is someone who will always grow her money to its max potential.  If you’re a Wealth Amplified! Champ looking for insight on better ways to grow yours, let us help! You can get in-depth information on your financial personalities by reading my book “Wealth Amplified!: A Five-Step Guide for the Professional Woman to Make More Money, Keep More Money, and Love Your Life.”

We’ll go over your Money Profile with you in our offer which is a no-cost, no-obligation strategic review.  We can work with you to help you evolve the positive qualities of the other personalities in your Money Profile—like patience and discipline!—to truly gain control of your finances.  We want you to be as prepared as possible for the future, through all of life’s unexpected occurrences. Call today, and let’s get you on the track toward lasting success!

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