The Gifts and Challenges of a Financial Whirlybird

The Gifts and Challenges of a Financial Whirlybird

If you have been following along, you recently just read about life as a financial ChessMaster. You may have read that and laughed at their organization and cautiousness as you realized that did not describe you at all. You like to take risks, and you don’t think too much about it. Fun is the name of your game. If that’s you, you are a financial Whirlybird.

Let’s take a look at how this financial personality can help and hinder as you go along.


  1. Fortune – People love to associate with Whirlybirds because they are fun. You never know what they are going to do next. Because of that, Whirlybirds often have a big following and can easily separate a fool and his money. Whirlybirds make great salespeople and bring in lots of revenue.
  2. Free – A Whirlybird is the kind of person who sees an opportunity and jumps on it. Chance of a lifetime? A Whirlybird has probably had many. They don’t spend much time weighing pros and cons, and because of this, those opportunities rarely slip by. Spontaneity is a character trademark.
  3. Fun – Let’s not forget the best part of being a Whirlybird. They are all about the joy of the journey. A Whirlybird often spends their money on the things that make life worth living to them, and because of that, they tend to enjoy life more than the ChessMasters.


  1. Unorganized– No apologies. You know you have this problem. Bills and invoices are forgotten or delayed. Deposits will often sit for a while. Spreadsheets are not a friend of a Whirlybird.

How to overcome: Even though spreadsheets are not your favorite, you might want to adopt some sort of tech that has a reminder feature. Set up alarms for due dates of bills and reminders to make deposits. Even better—sign up for auto-pay features wherever possible.

  1. Unaware– Because a Whirlybird isn’t necessarily big on budgets and watching what is being spent, the threat of bankruptcy is always looming. If a big opportunity comes along, a Whirlybird might not check to see if he can afford it before committing. He is the essence of not looking before leaping.

How to overcome: Most banks and other financial organizations can send you an alert when your accounts are low. If you elect to get these messages via email, set your computer to make notifications from your institution labeled “urgent” or a different color so you will notice them right away. Then – the key is to act on that immediately to make sure your account does not deplete completely.

  1. Unprepared– A Whirlybird is not known for thinking ahead. He will not put enough money aside for emergencies, probably because all his money is being spent on the present. Living in the moment can be a great life… until that first catastrophe comes along.

How to overcome: Set up an emergency fund. Have a percentage of each paycheck you receive automatically deducted and paid to your emergency fund. Then, try to forget about that fund. Don’t touch it unless you absolutely must.

Most people are neither a straight ChessMaster nor Whirlybird. People, in general, are a combination of two or three different money personalities. Since there are benefits to all the personalities, a person who can adopt a few of the beneficial habits of the profile they are less like will find a better financial balance. Of course, nothing worth doing is easy, but you can see how life can be a beautiful combination of both personalities.

Are you curious about your own money personality? Take our quiz below to learn how you approach wealth and finances.

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