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Pam Hopman


Pam Hopman is the founder and president of The Hopman Group LLC, PGH Advisors LLC and Hopman Tax Services, an insurance agency, RIA firm and tax preparation firm respectively. An extensive knowledge of taxes, insurance and investments allows Pam to customize her plans to truly meet her client’s objectives.

Her firm, PGH Advisors LLC, is a state- supervised registered investment advisory firm with the fiduciary duty to put their clients’ needs first. With thousands of satisfied clients, she has honed her skills to serve the needs of men and women in all stages of their lives.

Pam recently launched her financial mastermind group called The Money Thing (formerly called Conversations Over Wine and Chocolate). These mastermind sessions involve guided conversations through important financial topics. Pam created this program as a fun and powerful way for people to view their behavior around money. The clients who participate make impactful decisions and take action to be masters over the financial aspects of their lives.

Pam is available for financial planning and to speak about today’s financial issues.


Melissa Blumenthal


Melissa Blumenthal is a Vice President of the Hopman Group. She holds her degree from the University of Arizona and attended graduate school at Indiana State University where she also taught and lectured.

She is a registered Investment Advisory Representative and a licensed Life Insurance Agent.

She is passionate about education and empowering her clients with the financial knowledge they need to feel more confident with their financial decisions. The sole goal of her financial planning practice is to ensure her clients have the future they envision.

She conducts financial literacy seminars with a focus on financial and retirement planning, specializing in unique strategies for women. In addition, she has created and taught financial literacy workshops for high school and college students to provide them with the financial foundation they need for a successful future.

She has been a sought-after public speaker for over 25 years and has been a guest lecturer at several colleges.

She is deeply involved in the local community. She is the president of the Women’s Studies Advocacy Council (WOSAC) at the University of Arizona. She also serves on the executive board of F*ST! Female Storytellers, and is a fixture in the local storytelling community.

In her free time, she enjoys dancing (mostly Argentine Tango), music, history, yoga, and traveling.


Marie Gooch


Marie Gooch is a Vice President at The Hopman Group and brings a broad range of experience to our team. She understands the needs of entrepreneurs, having spent 13 years as a successful business owner with a client base throughout the US and Canada. She is a registered Investment Advisory Representative with PGH Advisors and a licensed Arizona Life Insurance Agent.

She offers Financial Coaching for those wishing to develop consistent habits and/or shed their “emotional money baggage.” She also provides Financial Planning, with an emphasis on helping clients solidify their vision for their future and a strategy for making that vision a reality. Her passion is people and she strives to provide empathy, understanding, and education to everyone she meets with.

When she’s not helping individuals and small businesses feel more confident and secure in their financial future, she enjoys yoga, art, dance, theater and travel as well as spending time with her husband and dogs.


Christina Davis


Christina is our Client Services/Operations Manager. She has B.S. in Management from Lourdes University in Ohio. She joined The Hopman Group in 2010. She assists with facilitating the new account process for clients as well as handling the daily operations of the firm in an efficient, professional, and welcoming manner. She is licensed with The State of Arizona as an Accident/Life/Health Producer. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hot yoga, cooking, and reading.

Is Your Financial Advisor Working For Your Best Interest?

As a Fiduciary Financial Planner, we are ethically and legally committed to acting in your best interest. Simply stated, we are required to give you advice that is in your best interest only.

So how important is it to ensure your financial planner is a fiduciary? A 2015 report by the White House Council of Economic Advisors estimated that Americans might lose as much as $17 billion a year from financial planners that are not fiduciaries.

The fiduciary relationship not only involves good faith and trust with our clients, but it also removing any conflict of interest that may threaten that relationship. At The Hopman Group is committed to giving you unbiased and customized financial advice so you can achieve your dreams.

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Committed to giving you unbiased and customized financial advice to help you achieve your dreams.

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